Those who know me know how much I love music and books. reading has come back to me more recently but I've always consumed new and older music; always eager to discover underground and mainstream artists of past and present. anyway...since i love sharing music and books with others, I thought to use this blog space to share occasional book and music recommendations.

I'm not sure who will read any of these posts, but it doesn't matter...I just love to use any space I can to share music and books that I love and think others should check out as well.

With that, I want to recommend this beautiful, emotional, vulnerable and immersive new album 'sentiment' by Claire Rousay. An artist who's well-known for her ambient albums and whom I've been following since discovering her work in 2021. Her new album is still rooted in ambient but is also an homage to her love for 90s and 2000s indie rock and emo music. There's a lot of beautiful melancholy in these songs, and the opening track is one of the most heartbreaking and honest things I've heard on an album.

If you click on the image, it'll take you directly to the album on Spotify :)