Sam Mohseni filmmaker / film editor

Persia and I (2024)
Feature | Documentary | Experimental | English and Farsi | 105min

Persia and I is an experimental documentary about war, cinema, and cultural identity.

Directed & Edited by Sam Mohseni

Written by Ramin Mohseni & Sam Mohseni

Produced by Ramin Mohseni

Cinematography by Ramin Mohseni

Music by Ebrahim Mohseni

Art Direction by Samira Messchian

Featuring: Sam Mohseni and Ramin Mohseni

With Appearances from: Shannon Walsh, Igor Drljaca, Dide Su Bilgin, Lukas Maier, John Romein, and Peter Hagge

Production Company: Azersam Film & Media Inc.

Filmed on location in Vancouver, BC